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Career Counselling and Guidance

A special service wherein the students can get to know the careers best suited for them based on their apptitudes, abilities,and interests.

  1.  Career Identification Test
  2. Multiple Intelligence Test
  3. Website Membership (lifetime membership of our website of value Rs 500)

Validity: lifetime

 250.00 Only

Website Membership

A specific user id and password to access our website is given. The website has more than 6000 pages of well researched information on courses, campuses and careers with a global perspective. This is regularly updated by the ICS team of researchers, counsellors and knowledge managers.

  1. Online Automated Career Tests
  2. Career ScopeFacts & MisconceptionSubjects and Career Options
  3. Emerging Career TrendsA-Z Directory
  4. School Boards
  5. World Wide Top Campuses for Higher Education
  6. International Standardized Tests
  7. Advanced PlacementAmerican College Testing
  8. IELTS
  9. Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT)
  10. Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA)
  11. TOEFL
  12. DASA Scheme
  13. India Campus Rankings
  14. Studying In India
  15. Major National Competitive Exams
  16. Recognition of Professional and Academic Degrees in India
  17. Admission Alerts Content 2017 onwards
  18. Scholarship Watch Content

Validity: Lifetime

 1200.00 Only

Consult our Experts

For any educational and career related queries, consult our experts and to make an informed decision.

Validity: 1 Session

 750.00 Only

The ICS Guide to Top Campuses in India

This exhaustive book gives success information about the top campuses of India, eligibility criteria, their placement etc but also what it takes to crack the code to enter the hallowed halls of these citadels of learning.

 470.00 Only

Online Services (STUDENT)

  1. Scholarship Watch Content
  2. Career Identification Test
  3. Multiple Intelligence Test
  4. Preparatory Courses
  5. Personality Development & Mentorship

 0.00 Only

Online Services (SCHOOLS)

  1. Personality Development & Mentorship
  2. Career Counselling and Guidance
  3. Students SeminarParents Seminar
  4. Value Added Services
  5. Professional Development
  6. Eduleaders
  7. Teachers
  8. Gallery
  9. Consulting

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